Turn Back Time

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Reunion 2016 Flashback

DSC_0440The Reunion 2016 (September 9-11) was, as usual, held in the city of Vadstena.
Our regular Starby Hotel was fully booked with 110 kids from 9 countries.
26 of them came to a Reunion for the first time.
It was three unforgettable days. Old friends met, perhaps for the first time since 1960/70’s.
There where people in every corner laughing and talking about common memories and life in general.

The staff at Starby Hotel was superb as always. At our request they made Pepper soup
and Country chop. And it was delicious. Thank you very much for our third weekend with you.

EvaLi and Janne want to say thank you and bye bye to everyone.
After 7 Reunions and 17 years, it is time to leave the arrangement to a younger generation. We welcome Liza Pettersson and Annika Åsell to be in charge from now on.
They will continue in the same way. So therefore we can say:

We wish you all a wonderful life and hope that we will meet in 2018!
Best wishes!
EvaLi Lindgren, register, information, rooms (1999, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016)
Janne Furtemark, economy, food (2002, 2005, 2011, 2014, 2016)
Jörgen Lund, webmaster, will continue.

Reunion 2014 Flashback


(September 5-7) was once again held in the city of Vadstena. A beautiful little town, east of lake Vättern.

92 kids came to Starby Hotel. It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful people! Talk, talk, talk and laughter everywhere and dance all night long.

Lena Marner, Roger Klahr and Roland Florin told us about their travel to Liberia in April 2014. It was very interesting and inspiring. Thank you very much!

One of the kids, who attended a Reunion for the first time, said spontaneously: ‘I will attend every Reunion from now on’.

As usual the food was excellent! We give the highest marks to chef Fredrik, for even making the pepper soup taste as in Africa. We thank all personnel from the bottom of our heart! We do think you are the best and we recommend Starby Hotel to everyone who comes to Vadstena for a holiday or business.

Below you can see pictures and videos from Vadstena.

To you who came and to you who did not:

We wish you all a great life and hope to meet you next time!!
Hopefully we can tell you more about the next Reunion soon.

If you are registered and have changed address, or want to join us: Please use the About page and send us an email.

Best wishes!

EvaLi Lindgren, register, information and rooms (1999, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016)
Janne Furtemark, economy and food (2002, 2005, 2011, 2014, 2016)
Jörgen Lund, webmaster

Reunion 2011 Flashback
The Reunion 2011 (September 2-4) was held in the city of Vadstena, a beautiful little town east of lake Vättern.

110 youngsters stayed at Starby Hotel. It was magical three days and you could hear the sound of people talking and laughing everywhere, anytime. Not to mention the dancing until early morning.

Some of us relaxed and had soft time at Starby Spa. We ate two absolute exquisite dinners and we do thank all personnel from the bottom of our heart for making our Reunion such a lovely time. And we can recommend Starby Hotel to everyone who comes to Vadstena for a holiday or business.

Below you can see pictures and videos from Vadstena.

To you who came and to you who did not:
We wish you all a lovely life and hope that we will meet in 2014!

Hopefully you can read about Reunion 2014 during spring 2012.

Best wishes!

EvaLi Lindgren, register, information, rooms (1999, 2008, 2011)
Janne Furtemark, economy, food (2002, 2005, 2011)
Jörgen Lund, webmaster

Official group photo from Roger Klahr (taken by the chef)
(click on the image to view it in full size):

Roger Klahr’s album.

Håkan Österhed has a large collection of pictures and videos.

Heidi Samnøen Aguilera has put together an album with her own pictures and those from Bodil Ekrem, Steven Elder and Robert Brolin.

Günther Dums’ pictures on Facebook.

Liberia vänner on Facebook.

Jörgen Lund’s album.

Panorama from Starby Hotel in Vadstena (from Jörgen Lund).

Mari Lindgren’s album.

Foton tagna av Mari Lindgren, 2010, på resor för organisationen Kvinna till Kvinna. Det indiska företaget Arcelor Mittal Steel, som fortsätter driften av gruvan, har byggt upp järnvägen igen och har reparerat husen i Buchanan.

Vid Reunion 2011 berättade Mari om sina resor och om dagens situation i Liberia samt visade sina bilder. Denna timme var mycket givande, intressant och uppskattat.

Tack Mari från oss alla!

Reunion 2008 Flashback

Most of the about 80 guests; obviously not the photographer or Günter who arived the next day–and a few stray people. Don’t forget to click the photo to download the hi-res version.

Just home from this year’s reunion one cannot stop the mind from travelling back in time, not only to the weekend of the reunion, but also back to the years spent in Liberia! Reminding oneself about all the friends, schoolmates and classmates from that time, and about those who met at the reunion! Being there was like turning back time. Age meant nothing.

Back in Liberia, you often didn’t notice schoolmates that were more than one or two years older or younger. Now when this time is several years back, the difference in age doesn’t mean anything.

We all had a good time! And the 2011 reunion is not far away!

Thank You Sågarbo
We all enjoyed our stay at the Sågarbo mansion and holiday village, and thus want to forward our warmest thank you to Torgny Trygg (in Swedish):

Vi vill av hela vårt hjärta tacka Sågarbo och Torgny Trygg för vår sammankomst sista helgen i augusti 2008! Med stort engagemang och hängivenhet har Torgny gjort våra tre dagar i Sågarbo till ett minne för livet. Vi kommer med glädje tillbaka i andra sammanhang.


80 skolkamrater

Reunion History
Like many others that share a common memory or background our community has re-united at parties throughout the decades. This page lists some reunions that the Swedish group arranged throughout the years, starting 1973. Several other related reunions are listed on the “Our Beloved Liberia” site by Heidi Samnøen Aguilera (several links below and on the “Read more” page (see menu). Here is a brief history with lots of photos!

Do you know any more details that could fill in the history below? Mail the info master!

Håkan Österhed has kindly made photos available from several reunions at this site:

Reunion 2008 at Sågarbo
Sågarbo, beautifully situated in the middle of nowhere was the perfect site for partying an entire weekend. About 80 old schoolmates made the place rock! Country chop, Peppersoup, local specialities, the works! Not to mention the orchestra! Arranged this time by EvaLi Lindgren, Ann Huber, Ingela Paeacock, Peter Nilsson, Pia Fundell, Alexander Martin and Roger Klahr. Website managed by Yngve Westerdahl.

Reunion 2005 at Fars Hatt Again!
We liked Fars Hatt and they liked us, so it was an easy choice to make! Although we didn’t break any records, we believe we had more fun. At least more fun than we can remember that we had three years earlier, or more! Arranged again by Björn Edsholm and Jan Furtemark.

See photos following these links! The Österhed site has a video recording of the unforgettable coffee speach in pure Liberian English!

Reunion 2002 at Fars Hatt Hotel, Kungälv
The 2002 reunion was held in August 24-25 2002 at the Fars Hatt hotel in Kungälv, a city located just north of Göteborg. 100 people participated which broke all previous records! The party started unofficially on the Friday which turned out to be a lucky strike. Arranged by Björn Edsholm and Jan Furtemark.

Reunion 1999  at Finnhamn
The 1999 reunion was held in August 28-29 on the beautiful little island Finnhamn in the Stockholm Archipelago. Many of us met for the first time in 30 years. The sun shone while we walked around the island and competed in groups, drinking punch. The dinner started with a roar from everyone and we danced until 5. Information about Finnhamn can be found here, and a map can be viewed here! Arranged by EvaLi Lindgren, Pia Fundell, Peter Nilsson, Bitte Sjödin och Risto Nilsson.

1984 Reunion at Torö
This reunion was held in Torö in the Nynäshamn region south of Stockholm! It was exciting, not only to find the way! The exact location was at the Wijkström’s house. Arranged by Ann Lindholm (Wijkström) and Leif and Lars Kring.

1973 Reunion in Stockholm
This was the start! Björn and Marie Edsholm and Yngve Westerdahl arranged together with a few others (anyone remember whom?). We were on Södermalm, Stockholm and partied through the night. We were supposedly honouring the late president William V. S. Tubman (although, two years after his death). A good reason to party thought Yngve and called up a few schoolmates! The Lamco Schools were still operational.