E-School Garden in Memorandum

euphorbiaDepicted to the right: The Euphorbia pulcherrima or Poinsettia, native in Mexico (In Swedish and several other languages it is called the star of Christmas) is one of the most popular symbols for the Christmas seasons worldwide. The plants “Cuetlayochitl” were highly prized by the Aztec kings Netzahualcyotl and Montezuma. Pulcherrima means “most beautiful” and one can only agree to that! Although cultivated for pot sale, planted in the ground it is a perennial flowering shrub which quickly grows to a height of 2-3m. Left in the pot it goes dormant and looses its leaves after a few weeks (Note that the flowers are the small yellow things at the middle of the red leaves). Poinsettia is now commonly found all over the world. You will find refefrences to Poinsettia as a poisonous plant, alhough a study by Ohio State University showed that a 50 pound child could eat 500 bracts and might have a slight stomach ache. The white sap, however may induce allergic reactions, although mild. Let us remember it as a plant of the E-School garden cultivated by our beloved biology teacher “Fytas”!