dsc_00471This site is dedicated to students at the Lamco Schools in Yekepa and Buchanan in the 1960’s to 1980’s; now maturing like wonderful wines! The primary target group being the Scandinavians (other similar sites exist on the web focused on other groups). Our main common denominator are the Reunions that we now have every second year. This site plays an important role in providing information about them.
We all have happy memories from our extraordinary stay in Liberia, the people, the country and the carefree lives we lived as kids or teenagers on a distant continent – Africa! What a wonderful time! We want to keep the happy memories deep in our hearts and share them together when we meet.
The site is hosted in Sweden, so some Swedish cannot be avoided! But that only adds to our multicultural life! Doesn’t it? We were at least tri-lingual back then: Our mother tounge, English and Liberian Bush-English!

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